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Nourish Exfoliating Scrub is a beautiful blend of our Nourish Oil and essential oils (see ingredients) and Himalayan sea salt. Exfoliation is KEY to keep your sugared body parts looking and feeling good! After your sugar, wait at least 48 hours to use the scrub & from there continue use every other day (or every two days - whatever suits your skin type/needs).  It will leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated. The scrub is also amazing at knocking out KP (Keritosis Pelaris - those annoying little bumps that show up on the backs of arms or legs). 



Nourish Scrub

  • Himalayan sea salt, Hemp Seed (Green) - Virgin oil, Tamanu – Unrefined oil, Moringa – Unrefined oil, Full Spectrum hemp extract, Frankincense Essential oil, Lemon 5 Fold Essential oil, Turmeric India oil, Ylang Ylang Essential oil, Bergamot Essential oil, Lavender France 40/42 Essential, Tocopherol oil (vit e)  

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