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  • Thinner & Finer Hair – hair will begin to have smaller, more shallow roots and over time the follicle will no longer produce a blood supply, which means hair removal will become more permanent. Look forward to soft outgrowth and no more rough stubble.

  • Get Glowing – Sugaring hair removal exfoliates, giving your skin a radiant appearance. This is a wonderful technique to brighten tattoos and to remove dry skin cells. 

  • Reduce Ingrown Hairs – No more razor burn, bumps or cuts. Post treatment, expect 3-4 weeks to grow back, over time it's semi-permanent solution!

  • Less Irritation – Enjoy quick recovery time with sugaring. Sugaring is much more gentle than shaving or waxing.

  • Contains 100% organic ingredients sugar, lemon juice, and water that’s it! Allergen free ingredients, do check for citrus allergies.

  • LESS PAINFUL – Sugar does not stick to live skin cells, and is never heated. If warmed, temperatures are below body temp and will never burn the skin.

Why Sugar with Nourish?
We are the first & the best.

$25 | BROWS 

$10 | LIP 

$30 | LIP & BROW 

$10 | CHIN

$18 | LIP & CHIN 



$40 | BIKINI 


$75 | NEW BRAZILIAN (or over 5 weeks growth)



$55 | HALF LEG 

$110 | FULL LEG 

$30 | HALF ARM 

$50 | FULL ARM 
$60 | CHEST

$25 | STOMACH 
$95 | BACK

*Maintenance Brazilians may only be booked if you've seen a Nourish provider in the past 5 weeks. Due to timing, if your regrowth is 5 weeks or more, please book a "new client" Brazilian. Any questions, please reach out! 

Nourish Ingrown Treatment 

$120 | 60 mins | includes NEW/over 5 weeks growth Brazilian 

$105 | 50 mins | includes maintenance Brazilian

$55 | 35 mins | 1-2 weeks after your Brazilian service 

One of the most important advantages of sugaring is finally getting rid of ingrowns! However, sometimes it takes a little bit of expertise to completely solve the ingrown dilemma. Book a treatment with one of our Ingrown Specialists and we can work on correcting not only ingrowns, but pigmentation, scarring and inflammation. 

First time? No Worries.

Here are some key points to help make your appointment a breeze:

  • Manually exfoliate the area to be sugared prior to your appointment - up to 5 times the week before. The idea is to loosen the hair from the follicle, so we have an easier release. A sugar scrub with honey, or a loofah will do just fine. Also, stop the use of any topical exfoliants (glycolic, retinol, salicylic, etc) at least 7 days prior to your appointment.


  • Please come clean - no lotions or other products on area to be sugared. 


  • Try to sun exposure at least 2 days prior to sugaring. 

  • Hair growth - hair must be at least 1/8 inch to sugar...that's at least 3 weeks since last hair removal - shaving included. We can try for 2 weeks of growth, but fair warning - it's not going to feel awesome. The hair is pretty stuck in the follicle at that point of growth and is holding on for dear life. I highly suggest growing it out at least 3 weeks, but 4 weeks is the best! Everyone says their hair grows fast - we get it. HOWEVER, you will be a happier camper if you can just wait it out a few more weeks, I promise.  


*At this time, male brazilians are NOT available.

*If you have your period, we can still sugar! You may experience a bit more sensitivity in the bikini area due to hormones, so we do suggest taking a pain reliever 20 mins prior to your appointment. 

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