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The Holistic Skin Clinic at Nourish

Our skincare services are designed to empower you to prioritize your skin health without the need for prescription medications whenever possible. We focus on you as a whole, taking into consideration lifestyle, nutrition, response to therapies in the past, etc. 


Our goal is to guide you towards vibrant and healthy skin by addressing concerns such as acne, aging, and overall skin wellness through customized plans that incorporate the benefits of a balanced lifestyle, providing you with the tools to cultivate enduring beauty through holistic skincare practices.

We have you covered from a Special Event RADIANT GLOW to a customized, effective, LIFE-CHANGING plan to knock out acne once and for all & everything in between!  

The Consultation

30 mins | $30

Did you know that your skincare routine is responsible for about 80% of your total skin results?

During this 30 min in-depth consultation with one of our experienced estheticians, we will determine the perfect regimen for you. We will also discuss a treatment plan for your skin concerns and proceed on your journey to your comfort level. 

Receive 20% off of your purchase day of your consult!


45 mins | $75

We recommend booking this treatment the DAY OF your event ~ show off  that flawless complexion

An advanced treatment that sloughs away dead skin cells, peach fuzz, and whiskers with a physical exfoliation technique using a sterile, surgical-like blade. Creating instantly smooth & radiant skin, results allow products and treatments to work more effectively. Followed by a nourishing face mask, custom serum & SPF.

resurfacing peels

1 Treatment | 30 min | $95

Series of 3 | 30 min | $250


aka "Lunch-time Peel" - treatment is quick and gets the job DONE. 

Brighten skin, even tone and improve texture while infusing hydration and stimulating collagen with little to no downtime. Coupled with a solid home care routine, this treatment will have your skin looking flawless 24/7. 

These treatments can be customized to EXACTLY what your skin needs and are typically done in a series, 2-4 weeks apart. 

clarifying teen treatments

Single Treatment 45 min | $65

Series of 3 | 45 mins each | $155

Education is key when it comes to skincare but teens always hear it better from someone else, let's be honest.


Send them to Nourish for a series of skin treatments completely catered to teens 18 and under. We'll walk through a solid skincare routine while correcting and balancing their complexion. The series of 3 treatments to start is highly recommended to fully heal the skin and to instill the importance of a great skincare routine.

express facial

30 mins | $55

The quickie!

This half hour treatment includes a deep cleanse, light exfoliation, nourishing serums and moisture. Great for someone brand new to treating their skin to find out what it's all about or for established facial clients maintaining gorgeous skin.

cbd infusion

60 min | $135

Our favorite & completely unique to Nourish treatment! Total radiant results peak at 7 days ~ if booking for an event, book a week before! 

Tiny channels are created on the skin's surface via Microchanneling, allowing a specially formulated CBD serum to penetrate deep into the first layer of skin, promoting natural healing & profoundly reducing inflammation.

A truly versatile treatment that can be utilized in a variety of ways from an effective acne combatant to a Red Carpet Glow!

Nano-needling is painless and has very little downtime.


45 min | $125

Series of 3 | $300

Total classic of a treatment, you can literally feel the dead skin sluffing off ~ complete satisfaction & beautiful results!

This non-invasive procedure employs advanced exfoliation techniques, gently removing dull and dead skin cells to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion beneath! Safe for sensitive skin types.

the essential

50 mins | $115

Overwhelmed by all the choices? 

Start here.

After a consult with your skin expert,  you are treated to a facial that is is completely curated for YOU & your skin needs. Carefully selected botanicals and antioxidants are infused to balance the skin and provide essential nourishment. Whether your skin needs a detox, ultra-hydration, or anything in between you’ll leave rejuvenated & luminous. 

*Options to add in dermaplaning, peels & microdermabrasion available!

green power

45 min | $125

The ultimate multi-tasker; exfoliating, stimulating cell growth & revealing a softer, smoother-skinned you!

This peel is a super effective microneedling alternative that uses a combination of natural herbs and milled sea sponge to exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin. Great for hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, sun damage, fine lines and more! 


50 min | $140

Series of 3 | $335

All microderm offers with an added boost of antioxidants and botanicals to level up the radiance.

Includes both a diamond tip microdermabrasion coupled with an enzyme or chemical peel to achieve the skin you’ve always dreamed of. The use of both modalities in one session gives the skin a perfect mix of exfoliation, hydration, and defense against signs of aging.

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