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Life isn't perfect...but your brows can be.

Brow Sugar 20 mins | $25

Whether you have over-plucked, ignored your brows for months, or just need a good clean up, we've got you

This service includes brow shaping, trimming, tweezing if needed and an optional fill with brow powder. Sugaring is very gentle on skin and our providers take great care in making sure irritation does not occur. 

Brow Tint 20 mins | $20

Using a vegan and cruelty free tint, brows will be tinted with a customized color that lasts between 2-4 weeks.

Brow Lamination  35 min | $75

Brow lamination creates a natural look of full and fluffy brows. Using a perm technique, lamination will realign how the brows lay to give them a fuller appearance. Results can last up to 8 weeks!

Henna Brows 45 min | $45 

Henna tinting 'stains' the skin along with brow hair (tinting only dyes hair) and sets to a powder like matte finish that last 2-4 weeks depending on the skin type. This treatment is vegan friendly and all natural. Many clients comment that it reduces the need to fill in the brows and adds definition where hairs are sparse or non-existent. No peroxides or preservatives. Perfectly suited to sensitive skin types.

Services can be booked to be done in the same service time with the exception of Lamination & Henna

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