Owner, Licensed Esthetician, Certified Sugar Instructor 

I've been practicing in the MKE area for over 10 years as a licensed esthetician - usually in a spa in or near a fitness center as I believe in overall wellness that starts on the inside to support a healthy and gorgeous outside. My focus in my studio is to not only provide fabulous and nourishing treatments, but to also create a safe, comfortable, fun environment for my amazing clients. 

In June 2018, I became the first certified Sugarista in Wisconsin!  After years of perfecting speed waxing, sugaring is an easy and very rewarding transition for me into a completely natural alternative to waxing that is less painful, more effective and actually beneficial for the skin. I AM OBSESSED, as are my clients! 


Certified Sugarist, Esthetician

Hello, lovely people! I'm Maya, a licensed Esthetician with a passion for teaching those around me how to live their best lives in terms of beauty + sustainability. I only want the best for my clients which is why I'm committed to using the most effective ethically sourced + sustainable products. It's no surprise that I was hooked after taking my first Sugaring class with Anna. It's clear that Sugaring is the holy grail of hair removal, and I am so grateful to be working alongside one of the best in the biz at Nourish Skin + Sugar Studio!

Like I said, I love to share my knowledge on all things beauty. Be sure to give me a follow on Instagram if you're a fellow skincare junkie like myself ---> 

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Adrianna is a 2019 graduate of the Institute of Beauty and Wellness in Milwaukee and is currently studying Cosmetic Science at Alverno. Adrianna is a brow specialist having worked at Ulta at the brow bar for several years, she’s our go to for everything brows: shaping, tinting and *new service* lamination! 


Certified Sugarist, Esthetician

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Multidimensional Quantum Energy Healer, Certified Sugarist, Esthetician

I’ve been in the esthetics world for over 20 years. A graduate from the Institute of Beauty & Wellness in 2004. I’ve worked in Wisconsin & Kansas City spas, medical esthetics, & beauty retail realms. Recently adding Sugaring certification with our beautiful owner Anna. Through all of my life’s experiences & re-connecting, learning, sharing, and growing from one another it has lead me to a wholistic internal/external balanced approach in life. In 2017 I experienced a Spiritual re-awakening, which guided me as a Multidimensional Quantum Energy Healer. Many different modalities-“tools in my tool belt” (i.e. Reiki, Pranic Healing, Light Language, Shamanism, Crystal Grid-work…) & Divine Presence flows through me & guides the clear transmuting of stuck, stagnant dense energies that no longer serves you! Allowing your Higher Self to shine through & ultimately assists healing of your external life. I am honored to bring all of these tools together as your guide on your self-love-healing path!