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Nourish facials are thoughtfully catered to each individual, taking into consideration not only skin type but also lifestyle, habits, budget, etc. We utilize our time with you to customize a facial service and skin care practice completely unique to you, your skin and your needs. The following list is a detailed menu of what we can do and it can be overwhelming at first glance! Typically, The Essential Facial is a great place to start.
If you have questions, always feel free to reach out to us! 

Skincare Consultation 
30 mins | $30

Did you know that your skincare routine is responsible for about 80% of your total skin results?

During this 30 min in-depth consultation with one of our experienced estheticians, we will determine the perfect regimen for your specific skin needs. With a consistent professional grade skin care routine, anyone can achieve and maintain beautiful skin! 

Receive 20% off of your purchase day of your consult!

The Essential Facial 

1 hour | $100

Customized for your skin type, deep cleansing and micro-exfoliation are followed by a therapeutic treatment masque. Throughout this treatment, carefully selected botanicals and antioxidants are infused to balance the skin and provide essential nourishment. Whether your skin needs a detox, ultra-hydration, or anything in between you’ll leave refreshed, rejuvenated, and luminous. 

We will discuss your needs and can add in dermaplaning for $25

The maintenance Facial 

45 min | $90

This facial is designed for monthly to bi-monthly facial clients who have had at least one hour long Nourish Facial, where your esthetician has become familiar with your skin and has you on a wonderful at home regime. This facial is to maintain healthy, radiant skin in a shorter amount time.

Dermaplaning with Mask 

45 mins | $75

This advanced treatment sloughs away dead skin cells, peach fuzz, and whiskers with a physical exfoliation technique using a sterile, surgical-like blade. Creating instantly smooth & radiant skin, results allow products and treatments to work more effectively. Followed by a nourishing face mask, custom serum & SPF.

advanced resurfacing treatments (peels!)

1 Treatment | 45 min | $95             Series of 3 | 45 min | $250

Clinical Corrective Peels by LIRA are formulated to minimize downtime and create a healing approach to peeling. Peels are no-nonsense treatments for immediate correction, minimizing fine-lines and revealing skin tone brightness. We can work on everything from acne, acne scarring, pigment and an overall gorgeous glow. 

These treatments can be customized to EXACTLY what your skin needs - reach out to a Nourish skin specialist to set a plan for your skin journey.  

Green power rebuilder
45 mins | $125

Powerful natural herb exfoliator awakens skin with a combination of unique ingredients. Acting like a natural form of collagen induction therapy, this extraordinary solution tightens and diminishes fine lines, whilst reducing the appearance of pigmentation and acne scars.

Leaves skin feeling & looking flawless.


1 hour | $125

This favorite Nourish facial delivers CBD via nano-needling into your skin for a gorgeous glow that will last for weeks. CBD contains powerful antioxidants and nourishing ingredients that are penetrated deep into the skin to balance, heal, hydrate and reduce topical inflammation for longer lasting results.

Nano-needling is painless and has no downtime.

clarifying teen treatments

Single Treatment 45 min | $65

Series of 3 | 45 mins each | $155

Education is key when it comes to skincare but what teen really wants to listen to you?? Send them to us for a series of skin treatments completely catered to teens 18 and under. We'll walk through a solid skincare routine while correcting and balancing their complexion. The series of 3 treatments to start is highly recommended to fully heal the skin and to instill the importance of a great skincare ritual.

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