Skincare Consultation 30 mins | $30

Did you know that your skincare routine is responsible for about 80% of your total skin results? During this 30 min in-depth consultation with one of our experienced estheticians, we will determine the perfect regimen for your specific skin needs. With a consistent professional grade skin care routine, anyone can achieve and maintain beautiful skin! Receive 20% off of your purchase day of your consult! 

Nourish Custom Facial 1 hour | $100 

Created for your skin type, deep cleansing and micro-exfoliation are followed by a therapeutic treatment masque. Throughout this treatment, carefully selected botanicals and antioxidants are infused to balance the skin and provide essential nourishment. Whether your skin needs a detox, ultra-hydration, or anything in between you’ll leave refreshed, rejuvenated, and luminous. 

(*may add dermaplaning for $25) 

(*may add in CBD infusion for $35)

Clarifying Teen Treatments 

Single Treatment 45 min | $65

Series of 3 | 30 min each | $150

Education is key when it comes to skincare but what teen really wants to listen to you?? Send them to us for a series of skin treatments completely catered to teens 18 and under. We'll walk through a solid skincare routine while correcting and balancing their complexion. The series of 4 treatments is highly recommended to fully heal the skin and to instill the importance of a great skincare ritual.

The Hybrid Facial 45 min | $95 

Also known as the corrrective hybrid peel, this tailor-made combination of luxury and ultimate correction helps to brighten and nourish the skin while targeting conditions such as the signs of aging, acne breakouts, melasma, and rosacea. Expect on-demand results with no social downtime!

**The hybrid facial is required before any corrective peels are able to be booked.** 

-Includes infusion & dermaplaning if indicated 

Corrective Peels

Clinical Corrective Peels by LIRA are formulated to minimize downtime and create a healing approach to peeling. Peels are no-nonsense treatments for immediate correction, minimizing fine-lines and revealing skin tone brightness. 

Clinical Peels are for established clientele only.

It is important for your skin to be prepped and conditioned to gain best results. Skin Prep and/or Aftercare products may be recommended. Expect medium to deep peeling up to 10 days, depending on product layering. The more layers, the deeper and longer you will peel.​

Level 1 Clinical Peel 

30 min | $75

This protocol is used to refresh skin appearance. It’s also used to prepare for layered peels and/or monthly maintenance after completing a Hybrid Facial Series. Minimal flaking may result, expect little to no downtime. 

Level 2 Clinical Peel

45 min | $125

This protocol layers product for refinement, perfect for slowing signs of early aging. This peel has minimum downtime, however may result in some dryness or flaking for 3-7 days, with the goal of revealing brighter skin. 45 minutes. $125

Level 3 Clinical Peel

45 min | $145

A one of a kind “peel cocktail” for resurfacing and correction. Level 3 results are achieved by blending and layering peel products to target lines / wrinkles, photo-damage, pigmentation, acne, and premature aging. Expect flaking to light peeling skin for 3-7 days, expect some downtime. Quarterly maintenance needed to preserve results. 

Please reach out via email or phone 414-533-4962 with any questions!