Unleash the CosmicCobras inside you....

Be intoxicated by the elixir of the Comic Cobras within you. This alchemy your body naturally creates when you are free and in-joy, breathing as the Universe intended!


These direct to garment printed shirts are designed by Milwaukee Artist & Designer, Jennifer Espenscheid & produced by Redwall. They are amazingly soft, comfortable and socially-responsible / ethically made by Next Level.


From the Artist:

This design that rests over your chest is your CobraHeArt or CosmicCobras.  A vision from a breath works session in meditation these Cobras flowed up and down my spine clearing energy centers with purifying light. 

They represent Masculine and Feminine Forces, the known and unknown, the inhale and the outhale, and the connection and blissful completion when the two become One. It is then that energy is released and pure freedom is attained, and so they have wings forming a HeArt. Our Heart is our mighty generator.  In their kiss is our Pineal Gland, the beacon and beam of our intentions from the Heart to the Universe. 

Their Venom, the elixir of WholeHearted Life, is an awakening for our senses and opens us to infinite possibility. When we are Whole we are Holy.

Wearing Cosmic Cobras is a declaration of your open Heart, Freedom, and beautiful energy.  When our Heart is strong and we are happy the chemicals of love and joy are released bolstering our immune system and well being. 

A loving Heart is the Best Medicine for all times.

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