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Devotion Energy Healing Sessions with Lauren

"Devotion sessions are here to assist you and your Soul's evolution ~ ascension journey. When we take steps to devote to our inner healing, then the healing further unfolds in our external reality. Ultimately improving all aspects of your life and truly empowering you to be your own healer and the best version of yourself.

Different energy modalities flow to me, through me & outwards, so that I am able to guide and assist you on your path. In all ways & always surrounding you with Divine Unconditional Love for your highest and greatest good."

Full Devotion Session (1 hour) $144.00

Mini Devotion Session (35 minutes) $77.00


3 Devotion Sessions $411

6 Devotion Sessions $810

9 Devotion Sessions $1215

For questions, please contact Lauren directly at 414-915-6997 or via email at

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